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Conquer the land to destroy your foes in Conquer Chaos.

Play as a nation vying for power with 3 opponents, powered by entertaining levels of intelligence, with the goal of being the remaining player left on the 20 by 20 tiled randomised board! Using the resources and land available, each giving different perks, land control is the utmost priority.

Balance your needs to defend your land with your ability to expand beyond your borders by managing your resources and maintaining your strength upon the board!

Conquer Chaos is quick to play, with games taking between 2 - 10 minutes. An effective time killer for those who are bored.

This is my first graphics-based game, and feedback would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE 1.1: Balancer

- New Difficulty: Dominion

- Existing Difficulties now much, much harder to balance the game

- You can now use SPACE as the Next Turn hotkey!

- Redone GUI. Everything is easier to read now, from game to How to Play Menu!

- Attacking is much more balanced: attackers lose some strength when attacking tiles: Tactical retreats are much more viable now.

- Pressing 'F' now brings up FPS, difficulty, and how long you've been playing.

- Fish give 3 additional water tiles from 2.

and finally, several bug fixes that make the game an overall better experience!

Release date Nov 05, 2017
Tags2D, Management, Short, Tilemap based tools, Top-Down, Turn-based Strategy
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Extract the files from the ZIP (Don't forget this!)

Run the application.

Create a shortcut if that's your fancy!

Anti Virus will most likely trigger a false positive: licenses are hard to find.


ConquerChaos_1.1.zip 7 MB


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